what has happened in 2017

17554884_198709267290994_465159544_ni made slime it was so much fun and heres now i made it.

1.get a bolw a mixing spoon a thing of glue and actovater.

2. put the glue in the blow.

3. put food diy if u want to make it a colour i made mine purple.

4. add the actovater.

5. mix and mix till if forms slime and theres how you make it.


next thing i did in 2017 was…17475145_1775555266096176_409857731_omake these donuts i had so much fun making this. they were so yummy i loved them. after i made them i wacthed a movie.


the next thing i did was…Placeholder Image

i had a party it was so much funnnnnnnnn! i love going to partys.


thats all i have for y’all till next time. hope y’all liked it bye

how to win a candy box

first go to candybox.ca then order a candy box and the thake a photo of you with the candy box looking like this i did this  and i won my mom told me that 2 days ago and she told me that they sended it to me with my name and it is coming today so happy like me in this photo 🙂 see


19427612_244021079426479_591407032_n (2)

what to use to make you look wow and ware


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these are all you need just to look wow and you can ware eneything you want and look at potos and youtube vids on like how to do make up and you can go out or do online shopping four new stuff like new make up i just went with eneything i want to and i just look good in the stuff i was wareing and in all the make up . if you have not seen my post on my fav make up then go look and see what kind of make up you should use and when i like it takes lots of work but it dose not take long and i like doing this i do it all the time because it’s fun to do and you can’t do it wrong at all because it’s super easy to do. i just love it so much it’s so much fun to do but you must do it when a older person is there. thos are all the steps you need to do .

first fashion blog post

3 pics in one

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i know your wondering why know one is wearing the clothing its because i wanted to try something different  today. i made this a  little bit different then what i normally do.

i really love blogging so much it is so much fun.

one mare pic below


i had so much fun taking these pics like blogging is my life like i love  blogging so much

baby belle and teen belle and big belle/

pic 1


pic 2


pic 3


pic 4

17505859_10154220239961744_1276382158_n      i cant wait till i can see movie. i really want to see the movie so much i seen previews of the movie and i think that the previews where so good i had to do this post. i am also a fashion blogger . the reason why i am doing this post is because this is a  fashionable doll with fashionable style even the baby belle and the teen belle are fashionable. i love this post so much.

i think this movie will be cute for little kids as well as the dolls


one more pic below


last pic17505968_197450234083564_698013462_n

i love this pic so much with all  of them 🙂